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The One Thing You Can Do to Generate Leads on LinkedIn Right Now

We just got off a call with Eric, who owns a video agency.

"Three months ago, we had $40,000 sitting in the bank. Business was good.” he said.

What he said to us next totally took us by surprise.

“No one is buying,” he said.

Make no mistake, Eric is a master at his craft of creating compelling videos for his clients.

But here’s the shocking truth he realized:

He realized it takes a whole new set of skills to find his dream clients who will pay MORE for his services...

...skills that he did not expect...

Skills that you need to build relationships and establish trust with your dream clients so they trust you enough to pay you MORE and CONSISTENTLY for your services.

Here's why:

In today’s connected era, you cannot get away with a business equivalent of a “one night stand.”

And LinkedIn is the best place to build relationships with your dream clients, establish yourself as an expert, and earn their trust.

Please allow us to explain.

How To Benefit From The Meteoric Rise of LinkedIn And Get Leads 24/7

Here's the thing:

Never in the history of humankind (and sales for that matter) have we had so much access to the RIGHT decision makers all in ONE PLACE at the SAME TIME.

You can now get the RIGHT clients and sales from all over the world using LinkedIn.

As we’re writing you today...

There are now over 563 million professionals in over 200 countries with a LinkedIn account.

And over 260 million of these folks are active every month.

And it gets better:

61 million of those users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making position.

But here's the kicker:

Despite the great opportunities to generate high-value leads and sales on LinkedIn…

...business owners, salespeople, consultants, service businesses are...


And here's why...

The Secrets of LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Lead Generation Is NOT What You Think

There are 3 things you can do right now to generate more leads and sales on LinkedIn. (In fact we will share those with you in a moment).

But if you’re like most people, you’re...

✔️Busting your a** off day and night with little result. It seems whatever marketing strategy you implement only repels prospects from you like you had a plague...and it's beginning to stress you out.

Unsure how to use LinkedIn to get sales.
It feels when you log into LinkedIn, you’re just shooting blindly...

...without any strategy or knowledge of what is working or not. You’re worried you're just wasting your time.

✔️ Overwhelmed and frustrated by all the opposing information. You feel overpowered by the amount of information out there. You don’t know what is REAL and what is not....you feel stuck.

✔️ Afraid of damaging your brand. You see all these self-promotional and salesy LinkedIn messages and you’ve sworn you don’t want to RUIN your years of work and stab your brand to the graveyard. #wehearyou

✔️ Struggling to stay motivated. You want to give up because prospects are “refusing” your product....

...and you’re beginning to take it personal, you’re even doubting yourself, and you maybe even think you’re not good enough...


Because we’ve been there too, we know you can FINALLY turn this all around.

This exactly why we’re writing to you today.

So keep reading.

Here Are The Proven Techniques To LinkedIn Marketing and LinkedIn Sales That You Won’t Find Anywhere

Let’s face the facts:

LinkedIn is not a resume board or an online yellow pages.

If you think you can just set up your personal profile or company page, and leads will flood your door like a tsunami...you’ll be disappointed!

OR if you think you can connect with someone, instantly pitching them your service, and win their trust….you will be dead wrong.

And here’s why:

You see, the power of LinkedIn is in the network effect. If you connect with someone, you gain incredible access to their network.

The approach of connecting and pitching, may have worked years ago when LinkedIn just started, but that stuff doesn’t work anymore.

Your success on LinkedIn - and we mean getting high-value leads and sales - will 100% depend on how you tap into the network effect.

You have to understand that people buy from people they like and trust.

Today, the most powerful LinkedIn lead generation system is built on TRUST and VALUE.

We can’t emphasize this enough:

Once you understand this and the secrets we’ll share with you, getting high-paying clients on LinkedIn becomes as easy as following a step-by-step recipe.

Just follow the steps and you’re set.

Imagine what it would be like to have a step-by-step plan for connecting with MORE of the RIGHT kind of clients on LinkedIn...

A blueprint that reveals WHAT you need to do and WHEN you need to do it to get meaningful conversations with LinkedIn prospects you WANT to work with...

A blueprint that gave you...

Proven LinkedIn scripts and techniques that you could use immediately to get more meetings and sales.

That’d be pretty awesome, right? (Great, we see you nodding)

We’ve got some news: with the right system in place, it’s possible!

Before we get into that, we want to answer one question that might be bugging you at this point:

“How did you guys figure all this out?”

We Figured Out LinkedIn Lead Generation System That Gets Consistent Results…After Years and Countless Experiments

Hi, it’s Kwesi and Julbert here.

Together, we have teamed up to provide you with the best, proven LinkedIn system you’ll ever need to get more leads, referrals and increase sales.

After spending over 87,600 hours figuring out how LinkedIn works, we have a plug-and-play blueprint.

You may have seen some of our articles in:

Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, BBC, NJ Business, Technology Innovation Management Review and Hubspot where we share some techniques for getting B2B sales.

Altogether, we’ve helped nearly 1,000 businesses, founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers get astounding results on LinkedIn -- whether it's generating leads and closing more sales for their business.

And in the process we’ve helped these businesses generate millions in new B2B customers and leads.

But don't take our word for it....

Here’s What Some Of Our Students Had To say About Our LinkedIn Techniques:

Meet Bill from Titan Energy. He ACQUIRED HIS LARGEST CLIENT using our LinkedIn techniques. Watch the video below to hear for yourself.

Also, meet Connie. She took her business to the next level, getting 5 Top Referral Sources + $20,000 Closed Business.

...And let us introduce you to Bruce. Using our LinkedIn strategies and approach, he skyrocketed his company's revenues by 30%

We can spend days showing you several incredible results we've helped our clients get...

...But here's something else...

Hundreds of Professionals and Leaders Are Getting Results Using Our LinkedIn Blueprint.

Here’s Kwesi sharing some of his tactics at the USA Small Business Association:

And when the leaders were asked to rate the training, here’s what happened:

…Also Kwesi reveals some of his tactics at City University of New York

Here's Julbert sharing some of the LinkedIn techniques with the Wharton Women's Group in New Jersey:

And yet another LinkedIn session on an expert panel...

There's a reason we're sharing these with you so read on.


We Learned Everything Because It Was Life And Death...We Had No Safety Net

We are outsiders who cracked the code to LinkedIn lead generation.

Take Julbert for example. He is originally from Haiti. He came to the United States 18 years ago. He learned english here and started his first business in College.

In 2011, he got laid off and couldn’t find a job. He was being evicted out of his apartment and losing his car.

He decided to put his entrepreneurship hat back on and started a marketing consulting business in his apartment kitchen table.

Since he didn’t have a network or any connections, he turned to LinkedIn. He started building relationships and connect with business owners.

He was able to find his first few clients on LinkedIn that allow him to pay the bills.

But that’s not all.

Kwesi also moved to New York a couple of years ago from Europe with zero professional network.

Nobody knew him, and he did not know anyone.

He did not have a job, so he started working with startups. He had to get sales for these startups or he couldn’t pay my bills.

It was a life and death situation. No kidding!

He didn’t have any cozy 9-5 job or family to fall back on.

So here’s why we're telling you all this:

We had to figure out what worked on LinkedIn and get results in the real world…or we didn’t eat.

Of course we failed...A LOT...when we started.

But soon, we got better.

We improved our process, and started getting unimaginable results for our clients.

But it’s even better than that.

We Are Not Telling You This To Brag...But To Show Why You Need A LinkedIn Blueprint That Doesn’t Fail (So You Don’t Fail)

If we are to go back five years ago, there is one thing we wish someone had told us:

Unless you have a proven, step-by-step LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn lead generation system in place, you’ll be wasting your time.

You'll just be throwing money away into a bottomless sinkhole...

...and you’ll be missing out on the full power of the platform.

Here’s something else:

Because most people don’t have a proven blueprint, they tend to ask questions like:

“How should I send a LinkedIn Inmail?”

“How many times should I post on LInkedIn?” “What if my client is not on LinkedIn?”

“How do I ask for a meeting?”

Our answer to these questions often take them by suprise: these questions DON’T MATTER.

You see, when you find yourself asking questions like these, it means that you’re worrying about things that don’t make a difference AT ALL.

Here’s why:

Without a blueprint that shows you what you NEED to focus on, you’ll NEVER be able to get CONSISTENT results.

A proven, step-by-step blueprint that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do and EXACTLY how to do it.

Because once you have a proven plan in place, you’re set.

There’s no guesswork and nothing to figure out.

Just follow the steps, do the work, and you’re good as gold.

The Way We See It, You Have Two Options…

Option #1: You Can Wing It And Try To Figure It All By Yourself

You’ll be surprised that this is the “strategy” that most people choose… and it FAILS them.

Of course, you can attempt to put the pieces together from Google search results, blog posts, forums and YouTube videos.

But that would take YEARS. (And you might still not be able to convert the information out there into a step-by-step playbook).

After all, it took us a combined 10 years of tireless experimentation before we had a step-by-step plan in place.

If you’ve noticed, the LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn marketing information you come across online is often conflicting, confusing (and more often than not), and full of fluff.

All this conflicting information makes it almost impossible to turn the content you read into a step-by-step blueprint.

But here’s the good news:

We’ve already done all the hard work for you.

We’ve run countless experiments over the last four years.

We’ve gone through the struggle of “putting the pieces together”.

And we’ve come out the other side with a plug-and-play system to get meetings with anyone and grow your business using LinkedIn.

And we’ve packed my system into a proven blueprint that anyone can follow.

So here’s option #2…

Option #2: Follow Our Proven, Step-By-Step Blueprint For FASTER Results

You are on this this page because you’re serious about growing your business with LinkedIn.

And you know that to grow your service business, you need more to get the RIGHT kind of people knocking on your door…

...people who will pay you well for your services.

That’s why we’re going to show you how to take the advice you learned today, and turn it into a step-by-step blueprint for getting quality LinkedIn leads and LinkedIn sales.

We’ve developed an online training course that cuts out the noise, fluff and conflicting advice…

…and shows you EXACTLY how to get more b2b leads and customers using proven LinkedIn strategies.

So keep reading.

Introducing Complete LinkedIn Masterclass

Join Complete LinkedIn Masterclass, and we’ll show you…

The exact step-by-step LinkedIn system and techniques you can use to quickly...

1) get more leads and referrals...

2) book more sales appointments..(and most important of all)

...3) dramatically skyrocket your revenue.

This course not only teaches you the exact step-by-step techniques on how to get LinkedIn leads that brings in sales…

But also you’ll get plug-and-play scripts and templates you can use to starting getting more leads and sales...FAST.

You’ll: exact step-by-step cold email lead generation system and techniques you can use to quickly…

✔️ Understand the process we use to close 6 figure deals on LinkedIn and why others fail. Knowing this can save you the heartbreak of winging it and failing miserably!

✔️ Learn the proven secrets of exactly how to set up your LinkedIn profile so that it becomes a magnet that attracts ONLY the RIGHT kind of clients (this will save you the headache of dealing with non-buyers)

✔️ Avoid 3 unforgivable mistakes that send LinkedIn outreach into the graveyard and that INSTANTLY stop buyers from responding to you. Are you making these mistakes right now?

But we don't stop there.

Here's The Exact Breakdown Of Complete LinkedIn Masterclass

Now’s the time to decide whether Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is right for you.

If you say “yes” to any of these questions…

…then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

Are you a small business owner that wants more of the RIGHT clients who will pay you well, consistently? Then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

☞ Do you sell products, programs, and services through meetings, strategy sessions, consultations, sales appointments, etc. ? Then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

☞ Are you a sales person and want a consistent stream of quality appointments with prospects who WANT your product or service? Then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

☞ Are you an agency founder or entrepreneur looking for ways to establish yourself as an expert and be seen as an authority (so you get paid MORE)? Then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

☞ Are you a lead generation agency that wants to impress your clients with outstanding results? Then Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

☞ Are you a startup founder and want to quickly get sales and partners? Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is PERFECT for you.

If you said “yes” to any of these questions keep reading so you can learn exactly what you’ll get from your investment in Complete LinkedIn Masterclass.
This module is designed to get you the FASTEST results...in no time.

You’ll learn how to create — or audit — your LinkedIn profile in 20 minutes or less, so it sucks in quality prospects on autopilot.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

► Our step-by-step technique for crafting a LinkedIn description that attracts high-value clients in 10 minutes

► 3 unforgivable mistakes that send the RIGHT buyers fleeing away from you, and how you can FIX that instantly (are you making these mistakes?)

► Our secret LinkedIn strategy that can convert DOUBTING prospects into BELIEVING clients (you won't find this anywhere)
By the end of this module you’ll be able to establish yourself as THE person prospects WANT to work and WIN their business, over and over again.

Because you will tap into our proven LinkedIn cornerstone frameworks.

For example, we’ll show you:

► The exact blueprint that will turn your LinkedIn profile into a relentless cash machine (that brings in the RIGHT prospects even when you’re not logged in to LinkedIn)

► Our piece-by-piece LinkedIn process that will make you 10 times more STICKIER and LIKABLE in the MINDS of your prospect, so they buy from you an autopilot

► 3 techniques for writing status updates that'll remove any resistance to sales, so you close deals FASTER (#2 will surprise you!)
When you’re done with this module you’ll know exactly how to set up your LinkedIn company page so your ideal clients buy your product or service.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

► The ULTIMATE blueprint for writing LinkedIn company page descriptions that will significantly boost your revenue

► The lesser-known techniques of using LinkedIn company showcases (did you even know there’s one?) to skyrocket your sales

► Our exact process for building a community using LinkedIn groups and how to shamelessly profit from it (without being salesy or losing a shred of credibility)
In this module, we’ll unveil our secret stack of techniques that will get you your dream clients...FAST.

These are the same tactics we use to “hack” the LinkedIn system and grow our sales, QUICK.

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn in this module:

► Our 5 proven tactics for identifying your next 6 figure client my exact (the 3rd and 4th tactic are so easy you’ll feel like you’re CHEATING)

► 2 ridiculously simple tools for finding the best keywords and data on prospects so you win new business faster (no one is talking about these)

► Our battle-tested CIA-like tactics that can help you mindread prospects so you STOP wasting time on non-buyers
This is one of our favorite modules because we reveal everything we know about how to get a meeting with ANYONE on LinkedIn.

In this module, we’ll show you:

► Our foolproof, piece-by-piece, LinkedIn prospecting cadence that guarantees high-ticket sales

► The non-aggressive, but incredibly powerful system, we use to follow up on prospects who “play hard to get” and turn them into high-paying customers

► The exact blueprint to convert LinkedIn conversations into real meetings via phone or in person meeting (so you avoiding getting “friendzoned” by prospects)
After completing this module you’ll know exactly how to get consistent LinkedIn referrals that turn into sales.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

► The secret “Acres of Diamond” technique we use to generate quality referral on tap, week in, week out (and it ALWAYS works like magic)

► 4 little-known techniques that’ll make you #1 expert in your network and literally compel your connections to send referrals your way

13-step dead simple process for growing your influence in LinkedIn groups so you never run out of referrals
Here’s an uncomfortable truth: you don’t own the data on LinkedIn.

If LinkedIn goes out of business tomorrow, you’ll lose everything...your prospects information, emails and so on.

But here’s the good news:

After completing this module, you’ll know exactly how to FIX that….

Because we reveal our techniques for using LinkedIn to generate INSANE traffic to your website and turn that traffic into data (that you OWN), inquiries and sales.

We’ll show you:

► How to generate 100+ leads and $12,000 with one LinkedIn post

► The non-techy video techniques that can double your traffic without spending a dime on advertising

► Our “less-than-72-hours” step-by-step process for getting 1,000+ LinkedIn post views so you top search results

Get started now!

Meet Jesse from C3Workplace.

Her team unleashed an overflowing river of appointments using our LinkedIn techniques. Watch the video below to hear here for yourself.


This is The ONLY LinkedIn System You’ll Ever Need For Getting Leads in Any Niche!

But Wait, There's Even More

As you can see, the Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is a comprehensive business training course that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to get results.

If you search around on the internet, a business training course like this will cost you thousands of dollars….

$10,000? $9,000?...even $15,000 maybe.

And let’s say you were to take a similar training as a college course, you know that would set you back AT LEAST $8,000 (not to mention all the money you’d need to cough up on registration fees, books, and materials).

We don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say that the course content in the Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is head and shoulders above what you’ll find elsewhere (that is if you can even find it at all).

Here comes the MORE impressive part…

When You Enroll, You'll Also Receive Over $3,000 Worth of FREE Bonuses...

There’s something we haven’t told you yet:

When you join Complete LinkedIn Masterclass, you’ll get access to all seven modules, with video tutorials and worksheets.

BUT it’s even better than that…

You'll also get these bonuses, for FREE, including...

60 Days Of Unlimited Consulting

Yes you read that right. Look we charge over $3,500 for one-on-one consulting, but as a Complete LinkedIn Masterclass student, you get direct access to us for 60 days.

So if you have questions about the course material, lead generation or LinkedIn in general, send us an email or a LinkedIn message and you’ll get a thorough reply directly from us.

Free Access to LinkedIn Software (Including 100 Free Leads)

After years of doing LinkedIn lead generation, there is one ultimate truth we know: follow-ups outside LinkedIn triples your success.

Allow us to explain.

Your prospect might not be active on LinkedIn or your messages get lost because they get distracted on LinkedIn.

Finding their direct email and phone number and following up is critical.

Here's the thing: you don’t have to find the details manually.

We ALWAYS use a software to find prospects valid email and phone numbers. And this makes our life so easy.

So when you sign up for Complete LinkedIn Masterclass, you’ll get free access to this software for 60 days.

The retail value of this software for 60 days is $397, but when you sign up for Complete LinkedIn Masterclass, you’ll get FREE access right away!

60 Day Free and Full Access to Intelligent Follow-up Software

Speaking of following up outside of LinkedIn, there’s something else…

Outside LinkedIn, email is the fastest way to connect prospects.

If you’re like us, you hate manual tasks and want the most efficient and value-adding way to follow up on prospects via email.

So to help us get faster results...(wait for it)....we use a software.

We ALWAYS use a software to send follow up emails when we don’t hear from the prospect after a couple of days. It is as if you have an extra employee or assistant on autopilot.

The retail value of this software for 60 days is $397, but when you sign up for Complete LinkedIn Masterclass today, you’ll get FREE 60 access right away!

But that’s not all.

Private Mastermind LinkedIn Group

Complete LinkedIn Masterclass is more than a premium training course…

It’s a lively community of successful entrepreneurs, sales leaders, business owners and sales leaders in just about every niche or industry that you can think of.

This is a great place to get feedback on your LinkedIn lead generation and LinkedIn marketing strategy.

It's also a fantastic place to mastermind with other people who know what it's like to do what you do, and who can provide some fantastic feedback and help you grow to that next level.

Access to the Complete LinkedIn Masterclass private student mastermind group is valued at $397 but you of course get for free when you join Complete LinkedIn Masterclass today.

Insider Office Hours Sessions

Here’s where you get access to never-before-seen material from “behind the scenes” at Complete LinkedIn Masterclass.

You'll see how we think through new campaigns and write LinkedIn posts and articles, create videos and get people to work with us.

These sessions contain a ton of exclusive material that isn’t available anywhere else.

Lifetime Updates

LinkedIn is changing all the time. What might have worked six months ago, might not work the next half of the year.

That's why we are constantly updating and upgrading the course material. And as a charter member of Complete LinkedIn Masterclass, you get access to these updates at no extra charge.

That’s our way of ensuring that the CLM program remains an excellent long-term investment for you and your business.

Join Lead Complete LinkedIn Masterclass and Get All The FREE Additional Resources Today! Choose the right plan below

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Here’s Our 30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Promise...

You can try Complete LinkedIn Masterclass today 100% risk-free. In fact, this is more than a mere Guarantee, it’s our personal promise.

So even if you think Complete LinkedIn Masterclass might be the right investment for you, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger today.

Take a full 30 days and work your way through all the elements of the course. Build your LinkedIn system, contact prospects, use it to sell your products and services.

If you are not surprised and delighted by the course materials, simply ask for a refund.

We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still part as friends. We take all the risk (you could rip me off, but I trust that you won’t), and you take no risk at all.

You may be wondering: “Guys, why do you offer such a generous, no-questions-asked refund policy?”

That’s simple:

We’re confident in the Complete LinkedIn Masterclass training materials. We’ve seen it work firsthand for myself and hundreds of professionals.

That’s why we're happy to offer this risk-free 30-day guarantee.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We've got a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. That means you can try Complete LinkedIn Masterclass today 100% risk-free. This is more than a mere Guarantee, it’s our personal promise. So even if you think Complete LinkedIn Masterclass might be the right investment for you, don’t be afraid to pull the trigger today. Take a full 30 days and work your way through all the elements of the course. Build your LinkedIn system, contact prospects, use it to sell your products and services. If you are not surprised and delighted by the course materials, simply ask for a refund. We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still part as friends. We take all the risk (you could rip us off, but we trust that you won’t), and you take no risk at all.
I have a new service or product and don’t yet have many customers - will LinkedIn work for me or is it only for people with hundreds of customers already.
With over 563 Million professionals on LinkedIn, you can start with no customers as long as you have an understanding of your potential avatar, you are able to do some really good targeting on LinkedIn using the LinkedIn Filter section. We've been able to leverage LinkedIn and get on the with one of the co-founders of Priceline.com. And this course will show you exactly how to do that for yourself. We didn’t have any connections to him and didn’t know anyone in his circle however we were able to seek him out on LinkedIn and engage with him enough to pique his interest and got him on a phone conversation.
I'm not a newbie to LinkedIn lead generation. Will Complete LinkedIn Masterclass help me get even more results. Or is this course just for beginners
Complete LinkedIn Masterclass works just as well for people who are just starting out, as well as people who already have some success with Linkedin. We have students in both camps who go through Complete LinkedIn Masterclass and see results. So the course works great for people who are newbies because it helps them set that foundation to really get more leads and sales at a faster pace. And for those who already have some successes like a few campaigns and meetings, then implementing this course is like a necessity because it's going to help you 10x the results you’ve already gotten. So this course will only help you do that whether you're starting at zero or you’re a pro.

Get started now!