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Get More Leads and Grow Your Business With The Proven Secrets of Cold Email Lead Generation

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Could this be you?

If you aren’t getting in front of more qualified prospects and making the “big bucks” in your business…

If you stress about where you’ll get your next client.... And you’re not getting consistent high-value leads every week...

If you never want to be a slave of the one big customer who jerks you around all the time...If you get desperate about one sales opportunity because “that’s all you’ve got”....

If your business isn’t providing you with the freedom (and profits)
you dreamed of…If your platform isn’t bringing you income… or even if you’re doing well but just know there is more...

If you want to finally turn it all around…

I’ve got good news: the learning experience from this course explains why…and what you can do about it.

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✔️You want to tap the profit-pulling power of cold email lead generation, but don’t know where to start

✔️ You’re an entrepreneur or sales professional and want to get more leads and “see more prospects” (granting you the power to eliminate stress and anxiety, and unleash predictable sales)

✔️ You want to learn dozens of new response-boosting cold email techniques, the latest “social-friendly” cold email tactics, and how to attract higher-paying clients by the dozen

✔️ You want to train your salespeople in the secrets of proven cold email lead generation that get results.

✔️ You plan to hire sales or business development reps, and want to know the “inner secrets” of their craft – so you can know for sure if you’re getting the real deal (and avoid getting ripped off!).

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🔑 Improve Your Cold Email In Less Than 30 Minutes

🔑 Instantly Hit Your Lead Generation Goals With The Failproof Technique

🔑 Win Your Dream Clients With The “Magic” Blueprint

🔑 Research More Leads In Less Time

🔑 Slash Your List Building Time By 50% Without Spending A Dime More

🔑 Think And Write Cold Emails Like A Professional Copywriter

🔑 Write Cold Emails That Open The Floodgates Of Sales - Even When You Sleep

🔑 Launch Successful Cold Campaigns With A Detailed, Step-by-step Breakdown

🔑 Escape Spam Filters And Cold Email Copywriting Assassins

🔑 Triple Your Meeting Rate From Cold Emails

🔑 Eradicate No-shows With An Insanely Simple Script

🔑 Turn The Top 10 Cold Email Replies Into Sales


I want to show you the exact step-by-step cold email system and techniques I use every day every to grow my 6-figure business.

I’ve used these techniques to get over 1,000 sales appointments with C-Suite leaders and generate millions in sales pipeline for my clients.

I’ve tested over 1 million cold emails. These are the best techniques.

The results have been amazing:

You can use these same exact techniques immediately to grow your business, sales and profits. It can work for you too.

I will show you exactly how we did this and how you can do this for yourself.

You Will Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take. It Will Never Be A Better Time To Start Cold Email Lead Generation.

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Here Are the Proven Techniques To Cold Email Lead Generation That Gets Sales…Without Selling Your Soul

Let’s face the facts.

You know you need to get more consistent and quality leads in order to sell your products and services.

You probably know that you can change no other part of your marketing, but just get in front of more of your dream clients, and sales skyrocket.

But there’s a problem.

The problem is most cold emails are sleazy and overhyped. We’ve all seen the lazy and crazy cold emails that seem to scream “spam”.

Maybe you are afraid that when we talk about cold email lead generation, that’s what we’re referring to.

Absolutely NOT!

That style of cold email may have worked at one time on the Internet, but its effectiveness is diminishing rapidly, and the power of that sort of marketing has already seen its day.

To succeed in modern times, you have to understand that your prospect is smarter. They demand more respect than ever before. And they have always deserved it.

Today, the most powerful cold email system is heart-centered, not manipulative, yet powerfully persuasive communication.

It represents the convergence point of the needs of your customer, their desire for a solution, and the benefits of your product or service.

Communicating this convergence is the heart of a powerful cold email system.

"Cueniverse connected with 114 hyper-targeted decision makers, generated quality interests from 20 and got 7 meetings."

- Wellington Lora, Founder & CEO, Cueniverse

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Here’s the Cost of Not Solving the Lack of Leads or “Mediocre Leads” Problem….

What’s the potential cost of not getting consistent quality leads?

Stress, anxiety, desperation, and fear.

❌ You’ll stress about where you’ll find your next six-figure client

❌ You’ll be anxious that your one big client will stop working with you because “that’s all you’ve got”

❌ You’ll become desperate when you meet the few prospects you get in front off (and nothing repels buyers than a desperate salesperson!)

❌ You’ll be afraid you won’t have the freedom to do what you love

That can be the cost of not solving your not getting consistent quality leads and sales to grow your business. Is it really that important? You bet it is!

It’s easier to understand the reason a businesses fail to get more quality leads and grow their businesses.

Here’s how it happens for most entrepreneurs and businesses:

They get a few clients through word of mouth and referrals. Things look promising and they feel they’ve cracked the code.

Then the harsh reality thunders and storms in: they don’t know when the next referral will come in. They realize word-of-mouth and referrals are not dependable and consistent.

The fear in them swells up and they start doing everything at the same time. From social media to blog posts. And then they wait for the orders to roll in.

Yet they still don’t get the dream clients coming in and knocking on their doors. They are waiting and hoping something works.

Guess what? Hope is not a strategy!

"In just under 30 days after starting our project, we got 19 qualified leads and 10 meetings. These guys know their stuff!"

- Julbert Abraham, MBA, Managing Partner, Abraham Global Marketing

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Is It Possible You Are Only One “Cold Email” Away From Freedom?

One business owner said to me “no one is buying.” That’s the greatest lie of all time.

At the same time you believe that lie, your dream clients are paying your competitors twice for the same service or product you have.

But you’re stuck in the prison of your inconsistent leads and shrinking sales pipeline.

The problem is that your dream client and prospects don’t know you exist and have never heard about you.

You might be one cold email away from escaping the prison of obscurity.

Can you get your mind around this: you very well may be one (or two or three) cold emails away from financial freedom.

  • Think about that: could one cold email get you in front of your next six-figure client, and give you the revenue to do what you love?

  • Could one cold email give bring in sales that can help pay off your debts? Because I believe good cold email system is the one critical piece of leverage that can mean the difference between success and failure in sales.

  • Once you build a successful cold email system, you can generate high-value leads while you sleep. You’ll get sales opportunities virtually “on demand”.


This course not only teaches you the exact step-by-step techniques on how to launch cold email campaigns that brings in sales… but also helps you get it done while you learn.

The techniques, tools and templates are yours, and you can use them immediately to launch as many cash-creating cold email campaigns as you want.

🔑 Understand why some cold email campaigns work and why others fail. Knowing this can save you the heartbreak of winging it and failing miserably!

🔑 The secret psychology techniques to improve cold emails for learning exactly what your prospects want, and knowing exactly how to say it in words that will persuade them.

🔑 3 rookie mistakes that turn cold emails into a “Prospect Repellant” that sends potential buyers running away from you as if you had the plague. Are you making these mistakes right now?

🔑 Why some copy seems “cheesy” and “hokey”
– and how you can make sure your copy never does.

Class Curriculum

  Predictable Revenue: Sustain Your Wins
Available in days
days after you enroll

"Kwesi' incredible ideas cut through the noise and cliché we hear these days about marketing. I learned how I can research more contacts and still be thoughtful... I'm going to use these tactics"

- Dr. Samuelson Appau, Assistant Professor - RMIT University

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100% Money Back Guarantee

More than a mere Guarantee, it’s my personal promise. Take a full 30 days and work your way through all the elements of the course.

Build your cold email system, write your sales copy, use it to sell your products and services. If you are not surprised and delighted by the increase in leads, sales, profits, and happy customers, simply ask for a refund.

We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still part as friends. I take all the risk (you could rip me off, but I trust that you won’t), and you take no risk at all.


My passion is to help you connect with your most valuable prospects, dream clients and partners. For over half a decade, I've been obsessed with meaningful conversations that start with a brave cold email and generous connection.

But my obsession wasn't always that way. It began as a frustration. Several years ago, when I was helping fast-growing B2B companies with sales, I'd hunt for the magic “cold email” template.

I found some techniques that were okay. Others worked for a while - and then they didn’t. I was in for a shocker: No ONE cold email works 100 percent of the time. I was frustrated.

My frustration turned into curiosity. Curiosity turned into an obsession. Obsession turned into rigorous testing and reiterations. In the process, I have tested over one million cold emails. These tests helped us to find the techniques that worked. I've used these techniques to grow my own business and continue to help my clients connect with thousands of their dream clients.

My strategies and ideas have been featured in Entrepreneur.com, Technology Innovation Management Review, Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy, International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing (France), HubSpot Blog, Enterprise Sales Forum, EvanCarmichael.com, and Firefly Millward Brown.

In this course, I hold nothing back. I share every single technique I've used to get over 1,000 C-level appointments and generate seven figures in sales opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m brand new to lead generation?
Fantastic! This course will help you get a running start with your lead generation efforts. You could spend 1-2 years treading water, winging it, and trying to figure out how to get consistent leads (like I did), OR you could start getting qualified leads ASAP.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do you have any refunds or guarantees?
You bet! You have THIRTY days to go through the course, try my strategies, techniques and get results. If you are not surprised and delighted by the increase in leads, sales, profits, and happy customers, simply ask for a refund. We will promptly send you 100% of your money back, with no hassle, and we will still part as friends. I take all the risk (you could rip me off, but I trust that you won’t), and you take no risk at all.
What format is the course content delivered in?
The course includes videos, worksheets, checklists, email scripts, and downloadable audio.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
Am I going to have to buy a bunch of pricey software or spend money on ads?
Pshhh NO. I am all about making the most of what you have, wherever you are in your lead generation journey. I may recommend a paid tool from time to time, but by no means does the course revolve around you buying any pricey software. You can get solid results without spending a penny.

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